Polo - The ultimate team building event

A polo ‘learn to play’ experience at Emsworth is different from any other. Our guests get the unique chance to ‘look behind the curtain’ to see and feel what a successful polo organisation is like, and to enjoy private facilities which really are second to none.

We love our sport, and we love winning. We also love sharing our passion with our guests.


It is a common misconception that to enjoy polo one must be an experienced rider. Our team of fully qualified instructors is expert at managing players with a range of abilities, from the complete novice to those who are experienced riders. Our clients are always surprised and delighted at what they can achieve in a day.

This is an authentic and hugely enjoyable introduction into the sport of polo, a real hands on experience.

Our instructors will give you the skills and confidence to enable you to compete in a polo match, schooling you in the three fundamentals of riding, hitting and rules. Whether you are looking for an unforgettable experience or are interested in taking the sport further this is the perfect introduction to the game.

Our team consists of professionals who have played at the highest level, bringing not only a wealth of knowledge but also some interesting tales to boot.

Prepare to be astonished by your achievements.

Come and experience one of the world’s oldest and fastest team sports and benefit from all the things that Emsworth has to offer.